Today, along with the development of the economy, society, modern science and technology, parallel with the increase of criminals are increasingly complicated, the fires are more and more complicated. increase, mainly due to carelessness in living, working and electrical problems.

Previously, the theft of property was small, now it is larger and more widespread. A common feature is that these acts are being carried out more and more sophisticatedly, daring, reckless, causing considerable damage to people and property.

The targets that these thieves are mainly targeting are banks, gold shops, trade centers, offices, factories, industrial parks, villas, private houses ... and the risk of fire is still hidden. for any project.

Stemming from the actual need and the desire to support the crime prevention and fire and explosion prevention to be more effective, Chinh Nghia Security Company has successfully researched, implemented and put into use. "Security monitoring service - remote protection". This is an innovative protection model, operating on the principle of combining modern technology and rapid response forces to detect and promptly prevent theft and illegal intrusion. hazards resulting from fire, explosion or situations requiring urgent assistance.

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