Dear Customer!

Board of Directors of the Company to Protect the means and all the members of the company, sincerely delivered to customers greeting respect and deepest thanks.
KEY SECURITY SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED LIABILITY established under business license No. 4102021781 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City police on 27/04/2004 and Ho Chi Minh City - Ministry of Public Security shall grant certification number 43/GCN eligible order and security for business security services nationwide.

Proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of providing professional protection. Therefore, the means always put customers' interests first, and human factor is always considered to be the deciding factor.

Selection Process Employee means entirely based on the standard program of the association bodyguard and security services (International Bodyguard and Security Association-IBSA).

Staff the cause of intensive training by professionals many years of experience in the field-guard protection. Equipped with in-depth knowledge about professional ethics, communication arts behavior, first aid, fire fighting, martial arts, self-defense and the law relating to the protection of the whole territory of Vietnam South.

Therefore, the staff of the individual means are dynamic, love my job, working with a high sense of responsibility, sense of organization, good professional ethics, importance of information security to the best customer service.

Our motto is "Safety-Credits-Quality-Efficiency", professional security forces, we always work with the spirit of vigilance, quick response to ensure complete safety respect for persons and property of our customers.

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