A ... private bodyguard

- In the past, the story of hiring a personal bodyguard to protect was usually only popular among the "giants", VIPs ... or at least the people who had a lot of money. But now, the story of hiring personal bodyguards is becoming a trend when people who only have a "normal normal" standard of living and even new farmers who sell land also pay money to hire guards from security companies for protection. guard ....

Lately, whenever people appear in front of a crowd or go to a party, meet friends, even go for a drink ..., people are seen standing next to Mr. TMH, the owner of Pho HA restaurant on Ly Thuong Kiet Street (Tan District Binh, Ho Chi Minh City), is a muscular guy who looks very cool. "That's my personal bodyguard" - Mr. H. proudly introduced.


Mr. H. decided to hire a personal bodyguard from a security service company four months ago for 11 million VND / month. The reason Mr. H. gave to persuade his family as well as explained to friends about hiring a personal bodyguard was simple: a few times ago he received a few life-threatening messages that he suspected of having. The word "competitor" ... sells its own competitive pho.

“These difficult business times can hardly predict hidden enemies. Wouldn't it be better to spend a little bit of money but secure your life "- Mr. H. said. But sometimes when he was drunk, he confided in his honesty that he hired bodyguards because the group of friends he played with nearly a dozen people all had their own bodyguards to protect.

Mr. H. said that now people not only show "class" to each other in buying a car, buying a land on the outskirts or a house in front of the house ... but also in having or without bodyguards. private. “Maybe I'm not as good as my friends. Wherever they go, there is a  bodyguard  accompanying them, looking imposing. Never mind, take the cost but blossoming, everything has its price ... ”- Mr. H. said.

According to Mr. H., his group of friends has someone who owns a shop selling building materials, the owner of a coffee shop, trading in real estate, there are also people who rent a car ..., income is only There are nearly 30-40 million VND / month but still can hire  a personal bodyguard,  why not! But it seems that his "a bit expensive" for hiring a bodyguard up to tens of millions of dong is not easy at all because after "balancing income and expenditure", the residual income from selling pho every month to put into the family fund has had a significant atrophy. His wife also wilted in her womb, but pressed her stomach to please her husband.

According to the signed contract, this personal bodyguard is on duty with Mr. H. 24/24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means that all time traveling, eating, sleeping, resting, meeting friends ... of Mr. H. are under the protection of the bodyguard. Even when Mr. H. stood to cook pho, his bodyguard silently stood in a corner watching ... guests.

Mr. LKM, a house in the Thu Thiem area (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City) has just received a compensation of nearly 20 billion VND, said: “The amount is too large, although I have already sent it to the bank, I am still not assured. What if the bad guys threaten, kidnap and blackmail me ”. So Mr. M. immediately came  to Chinh Nghia Security Company to  sign a contract to hire a bodyguard. To look like "weak people", Mr. M. bought a new car worth 1 billion VND with his own driver who is also a guard of Chinh Nghia. Wherever he got to, he got out of the car and next to it was a tall bodyguard wearing dark glasses that looked very powerful.

Mr. M.'s close friend, Mr. TVB, a farmer in Long Thanh My, District 9, has just sold more than ten billion dong of land, not to be outdone. This man has just hired his own bodyguard for 12 million VND / month.

In the past, Mr. B. lived on farming, from selling land, having rich money and no work to do, Mr. B.'s daily time was mainly used to go coffee with friends. and skinny. Therefore, Mr. B.'s personal bodyguard is quite leisurely, mainly going around to protect clients in cafes and bars in the vicinity. Mr. B. asserted to his friends that he hired bodyguards completely, not to change the fashion, but out of fear that people would harm him. He said plainly in a country-style way: “I could not have imagined I have such a large amount of money in my whole life. So sleep is not peaceful, so hire a bodyguard to make sure ... ".

Not only hiring a bodyguard "package" 24/24 hours for a few months or a year, many people with an average income choose to hire bodyguards by the hour or by day. Mr. NHN, deputy sales department of a travel company in District 10 (Ho Chi Minh City), often hires bodyguards by the hour when he goes to places where he feels "unsafe" or wants to "prove himself. " with friends. With the hourly price of a bodyguard for some security services companies is 50,000-100,000 VND / hour, at least for five hours, Mr. N. chose this way to fit his monthly income of just over ten million dong. mine.

In important drinking parties with a business partner, Mr. N. majestic appeared with a bodyguard. After drinking party, after drinking time is also over for bodyguard hiring service, the client and bodyguard will go away.

Insider story  

Mr. H. has his own bodyguard, although "majesty is true", but sometimes he is also in trouble. At first, when I had my own bodyguard, I felt sorry for everyone, but sometimes I got annoyed because all my private time was interrupted by other people. Meanwhile, according to the contract, 24/24 bodyguards must be on duty with the client. Some of Mr. H.'s guests seemed hesitant to come to his pho shop due to the gaze of the bodyguard. “I just re-signed the contract with the protection company about the rules and time to be more suitable. Because in the past, the bodyguard kept clinging to me because he said that otherwise, the company would fine the company "- Mr. H. said.

Mr. B. also asked twice to replace the bodyguard because the first bodyguard had a face that was too "cool", and he seemed annoyed, making his friends and relatives hesitate to contact him. And the second bodyguard took his story with his "little" boyfriend and reported it to his wife.

“Some of my friends used to have private bodyguards take confidential information, private photos and give them to their opponents or blackmail their clients. Therefore, I only choose a reputable security company to sign a contract to hire a personal bodyguard "- Mr. H. said.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tri, a bodyguard at  Chinh Nghia Security Services Company , who has just completed a one-year contract as a personal bodyguard for a client who owns a small restaurant in District 3, did not comment on his client because, according to him, "it is the professional principle". He only commented generally that the movement of hiring private bodyguards in Saigon did not come from the need to protect themselves of some people, but it seemed more fashionable. “Of course, if the client has hired, we must serve our best and seriously as the contract signed. However, there are many funny stories in the life that sometimes the personal bodyguard becomes a piece of jewelry, embellishing his client more than needing to protect them ”.