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The demand for using security services is strongly developing in today's society. The appearance of  security guards  becomes important. You will feel more secure and reputable when you are somewhere or go to an area, a company or a restaurant. The store or supermarket has the appearance of  professional security guards  .

In 2013, when the new decree on the establishment of security companies   was strongly deployed to improve the quality of security companies. In terms of protection training and the responsibility of providing  security services  is guaranteed.

However this type of  security service This is not new, but the price is not many people interested, but do not know how much it will cost to  hire a security guard with their needs  .

The following are the cost references that have  forms of protection  for everyone to refer to:

1. Hire security guards for fixed targets with little complexity for small scales:

If you have the above needs, such as hiring a few security guards for small cafes, protecting small-scale cafes, protecting securing a small company ..v ..... v ... you can ask a security company that offers you a simple kind of security service for one or two rent security guard with a cost of 7 million to 10 million for a security guard 24/24 h.
VAT, insurance, protective equipment cost, protective uniform are included, excluding holidays or regular and 100% benefits on property insurance, liability and support team in case of an incident. .
2. Cost of hiring security guards with large-scale complex fixed objectives:

Large scales such as bank guards, complex venues such as security bars, discos.
Event venue ..v .... v ... You should hire a professional security model to suit your needs. After considering your conditions and needs the security company will come up with the type of security for you such as the number of guards, the protection plan, the need for patrol and security equipment. such as security cameras ..v ..... military weapons. with an average price of about 10 million -14 million / 1 security guard is professionally trained and knowledgeable and what type of protection needs to be provided .

3.The cost of hiring protection for mobile targets

 For mobile targets such as: protecting children, protecting lovers, protecting merchants, protecting celebrities. With a small number of bodyguards, but requires extremely high experience to respond quickly in all conditions, the price of providing security guards will be higher. about 12 million -18 million / security guard.

4. Types of special security services:

With types of special protection needs such as money protection, escort to move precious items, important people will have special supply models related to the companies. Reputable security company to ensure the interests of customers 

The cost of hiring security is only for reference depending on the needs of 12/24 or 24/24/7 protection conditions, but the price will change, however For any type of service, the customer is charged the full cost of the service and insurance. There is always an emergency supply team when something goes wrong.