Hearing the news that Big C Binh Duong is constantly losing things, the "knights" ambushed and caught the women who specialize in doing this.

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Group of two fingers (sitting) with exhibits
At 10 o'clock on 5/5, "knight" Nguyen Thanh Hai, Ho Duy Tan, Thach Dat, in collaboration with Huynh Thanh Hai, Tran Huu Hai, Ngo Trung Thanh of Phu Loi ward PCF club disguised a motorcycle taxi near the area. field. At 12 o'clock of the same day, they discovered a taxi carrying 1 young man and 6 women entering the supermarket had suspicious signs. At 14 o'clock, 6 women walked out of Binh Duong Avenue, their bodies suddenly became unusually large, in a small alley near the supermarket, the women quickly pulled inside clothes including milk and milk. Other expensive items ...

At the Hiep Thanh ward police station, in turn claimed to include Vu Thi Hop (SN 1956), Nguyen Thi My (SN 1972), Nguyen Thi Huong (SN 1972), Nguyen Thi Phuong (SN 1967) living in Hai Phong. Ho Thi Huong (SN 1956), Doan Thi Tam (SN 1967), Nguyen Huu Minh (SN 1978) living together in Vinh Phuc province, exhibits of the objects over 10 million VND.

Currently, the Hiep Thanh Ward police case is investigating.