Provide - equipment installation protection

Supply and installation of the equipment:

- System Security, Intrusion
- Fire
- CCTV ...


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Professional training consultancy

Consulting and training on protection: Agency, factories, industrial ...
Protection staff provided by us are screened by a detailed selection process and the system, trained professional basic and advanced protection, including protection martial arts skills , law, foreign languages, fire protection, communication, rescue, etc., and fostered advanced training routine and the ability to use modern equipment.


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Protection events

Protection of the music, fashion shows, exhibitions, fairs, client conferences, sports competition ....

Nature of activities: Activities in the number of large extent, shareholders should ensure absolute security for human consumption should be strictly implemented.
Tasks and objectives: The professional solid, agile, flexible in situations need to be in place, to ensure the life and health need to be sorted, arranged appropriate and professional forces.


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Protect people and escort

Protect human demand 24/24h.

Protect the customers, unions, Singer.

Escort protection money, goods transportation.

Protect your documents and objects

Service "Apply loads of money" transporting valuable goods and cash for the company, business center ... by the means of transport together with a staff of many years of experience with modern equipment Customers can complete peace of mind when entrusted their assets to us.


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Protection of fixed assets

Protection of buildings, commercial centers, office stores, hotels, restaurants, offices, factory, factories, industrial parks, construction ...

Protection of fixed assets are common types of security services, the nature of the target is not moving. Characteristics of the target system consists of infrastructure, property, equipment, facilities .. housed within the lawful use and rights of customers.

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