Basic tasks and functions

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Protection functions are diverse, but mainly focused on the following main functions:

1.Bảo absolute safety of property and people
2.Giu maintenance of order and security
3.Ngan birth to a minimum the risks (fire, vandalism and other incidents ...)
4.Xu flexible management of the emergency
Security guards always abide by the principles and rules set out by the governing body, property inspection, prohibit the unauthorized and eliminate the threat of security breaches or theft, vandalism

When you need security guards can be combined to explore the arrest of offenders causing loss of life and property of clients

In addition to the machinery and electronic equipment to ensure safety and protection will make more job security in an effective manner. Security guards have been trained and equipped with the knowledge necessary to combat criminals, report accurately and quickly the incident occurred (police also supported in this area)

Duties of security personnel policy is to comply with the implementation of the plan and the company's contract flexible response situations: fire, theft, vandalism, illegal intrusion, security property and the protection of customers.